Wildlife & Farm Fence Installation

Looking to secure your property and keep wildlife out or livestock safely in? Our first-hand experience with wildlife and farm fences allows us to create fence solutions perfect for every occasion.

Whether safeguarding your agricultural property, ranch, or hunting grounds, our wildlife fences offer a reliable way to fortify and secure your property.

wildlife & Farm Fence Options

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Wildlife & Farm Fence Solutions

Board fences

For decades, board fencing has been a staple in containing various types of animals. It remains a popular choice for horse fencing and serves decorative purposes as well. The construction involves spacing posts every 8′, with an optional cap or cover board often added at each vertical board joint to achieve a polished appearance.

In the case of a three-board fence, the structure is crafted using 1 x 6 x 16′ treated poplar boards and full-round CCA-treated 5-6” x 8′ fence posts. The posts are strategically spaced every 15′, and a cap or cover board is positioned at each vertical board joint, ensuring a professionally finished aesthetic. The utilization of treated boards and posts guarantees the fence’s longevity.

Wildlife & Farm Fence Solutions

Split Rail Fence

The rustic charm of a split rail fence is especially fitting for a pastoral setting. While its decorative appeal is widely recognized, its functionality is equally noteworthy. Available in 2, 3, and 4 rail designs, the pressure-treated rails ensure a longer lifespan compared to non-treated alternatives.

However, in compliance with recent Federal Government regulations, the use of Copper Cromin Arsenate (CCA) treatment for split rail fences is prohibited in residential or playground scenarios. Approved alternative treatments, such as Natural Select and (ACQ), are recommended, offering extended durability for your fence. Additionally, we provide the option to enhance your split rail fence with wire mesh for added security.

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Wildlife & Farm Fence Solutions


Elevate your property with our wire fence installations at Log Cabin Fence, where versatility meets durability. Wire fencing comes in many forms, but most commonly high tensile, coated high tensile, electric, or woven wire fences, each tailored to meet the unique needs of homes, businesses, and farms alike.

Experience the impact of high-tensile fencing, a game-changer. This single-strand 12 ½ gauge 200,000 PSI Class 3 galvanized wire serves as a versatile solution, suitable for both electrified and non-electrified fences. Homeowners can easily install it, and it lasts for many years. The configuration, electrification, and post spacing depend on the fence’s purpose and the terrain.

Our 12 ½ gauge 179,000 PSI high tensile woven wire is another popular choice. Woven wire is available in heights from 4′ to 10′, with stay wire spacing of 3”, 6”, or 12”. Ideal for containing cattle, buffalo, ostrich, emu, elk, sheep, goats, and deer, woven wire serves both as containment and deterrent. Note that not all woven wire is the same – consider gauge, PSI rating, and galvanization class when comparing the options in the market.

Overall, our wire fence installations stand the test of time, and our team of experts is here walk you through what may work best for your property and goals.

Wildlife & Farm Fence Solutions


The painted board fence, a prevalent design choice for horses, exudes timeless elegance, albeit requiring consistent upkeep to preserve its aesthetic appeal. In response to this demand for a low-maintenance alternative, Horserail was developed to cleverly emulate the appearance of a traditional painted board fence without the need for regular maintenance.

Horserail offers a variety of colors – white, black, and brown – and is available in three different rail sizes: 4.25”, 5”, and 6”. The 4.25” web is securely bonded between two 12 ½ gauge 200,000 PSI wires, which are joined at the top and bottom for enhanced strength. The 5” web is bonded with three wires, while the 6” web is bonded with four wires, creating a wide board look that adds to its visual appeal. Choose Horserail for a fencing solution that combines the classic charm of a painted board fence with the convenience of minimal maintenance.

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Wildlife & Farm Fence Installations

Looking to secure your property and keep wildlife out or livestock in? Log Cabin Fence offers a variety of farm fence solutions. Whether safeguarding your agricultural property, ranch, or hunting grounds, our experienced team is here to help you fortify and secure your property for years to come. Don’t see the exact style you’re looking for here? Don’t worry! We also offer custom fence options.