Custom Fence Construction

Our custom fence installations allow you the flexibility to choose from a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, and various metals such as ornamental aluminum or wire. Whether you desire the classic charm of wood, the low-maintenance convenience of vinyl, or the sleek and modern look of metal, we have the perfect material to match your style.


Custom Fence installation

Create the perfect fence for you

Explore the diverse range of fence materials at Log Cabin Fence Company, providing you with the tools to bring your dream custom fence to life. Whether your personalized design includes a fusion of materials or the incorporation of unique accents like caps, decorative trim, and trellises, we’re committed to making your fence as distinct as your vision.

In an era where platforms like Pinterest and the creativity of skilled craftsmen contribute to a vast array of fence styles, the possibilities are virtually limitless. From bamboo to tin, various materials are employed to craft innovative and unique fence designs. Have a specific fence style in mind? Share your ideas with us, and allow us to bring your unique fence creation to fruition!

Fence & Gate Pricing


Our process is simple. Select your fence and gate options and request your quote online. Next, we will contact you and schedule a convenient time to take all your measurements and confirm your fence and gate options.

Then we’ll provide you with a detailed and accurate quote. When you’re ready, you can pay your deposit and we’ll schedule the job for completion.

We make it easy to get the perfect fence and gate without (barely) leaving your sofa.

No Pushy Sales! No Hidden Fees! No Hassle!

Custom Fence Installation

Our experienced team will work closely with you to create a custom design that perfectly complements your home’s aesthetics while meeting safety codes and regulations. We take into account factors such as height, spacing, and gate placement to ensure functionality, security, and compliance. We prioritize customer satisfaction and craftsmanship. Our skilled professionals will install your custom fence with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a seamless and sturdy result that will stand the test of time.