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Log Cabin Fence Company is delighted to present the Advantage Structure, a fabric structure that stands out for its top-tier quality and unparalleled durability in the market. Crafted with pride in the United States, this structure showcases a hot-dipped galvanized trussed frame, offering optimal corrosion protection for lasting performance.

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Situated in southwestern Pennsylvania, where snow, rain, and mud present challenges, our fabric structures serve as your shield against the elements.

Proudly made in the United States, our Advantage Structure boasts an after-fabrication hot-dipped galvanized trussed frame for optimal corrosion protection. With a 20-year warranty, it provides coverage in corrosive environments often excluded by lower-quality alternatives. The double-trussed, bow design enhances strength, offering 36% more strength in the bottom truss chord through square tubing. This design choice enables better component connections and eliminates the building racking. The Advantage Structure also features more steel truss supports, spaced 10’ to 12’ on center, compared to others’ 14’ or 16’.

Available in widths of 30’ through 80′, with unlimited lengths and even wider options available, fabric structures serve various purposes, from hay and equipment storage to animal housing and even full indoor equestrian facilities. Experience the strength, durability, and versatility of our fabric structures—the gateway to reliable and economical storage solutions.


While each foundation option has its advantages, the choice depends on factors such as the intended use of the fabric structure, budget constraints, environmental considerations, and the desired aesthetics. Our licensed construction professionals can help in selecting the most suitable foundation option based on the unique requirements of the project, but you can also click each of the options below to learn more about the benefits of each.

Large Fabric Structure Construction | Fabric Shelter Installation | Concrete Foundation | Log Cabin Fence Company

Wood post foundations provide a natural, eco-friendly, and cozy feel for your fabric structure. Wood foundations open up a different world of stylish options for your fabric structure, as they are very versatile, allowing more aesthetic customization options for your specific requirements.

Sheet metal siding can be combined with wood foundations and offer a cost-effective way to further protect your fabric structure. Sheet metal is less susceptible to wear than organic materials, creating a more durable foundation for your fabric structure.

Large Fabric Structure Construction | Fabric Shelter Installation | Concrete Foundation | Log Cabin Fence Company

Fabric structures with concrete foundations are exceptionally stable and provide robust support against weathering and environmental factors. Concrete foundations can be created with concrete blocks, precast walls, or poured into place and are naturally resistant to moisture as well as decay from water exposure.

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Shipping container foundations provide a multitude of benefits for you and your fabric structure. Repurposed as a foundation, shipping containers are sustainable and provide extra storage as well, making it perfect for getting the full use out of your fabric structure. They’re also inherently robust, crafted to withstand the elements while holding up to 28 TONS of weight. 

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At Log Cabin Fence Company, our commitment to community goes beyond supporting local initiatives – it extends to the very foundations of our work. Since 1981, we have been entrusted to professionally construct fabric structures that stand as a testament to quality and reliability. We believe so strongly in the quality of our craftsmanship that we personally use our structures on the Iams’ Beef Farm, ensuring our cattle are reliably sheltered and safe. Our dedication to creating a better space for everyone is evident not only in the fabric structures we build but also in our active support of community programs.

At Log Cabin Fence, we take pride in being a catalyst for positive change in our community. We understand that by coming together, we can make a real difference for generations to come. Our foundations run deep – not just in the construction of fabric structures but in the bonds we forge and the positive impact we strive to create within our community and beyond.